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Invigilation is a slow game of Pacman. There are, however, no winners;

Just teachers entrenched in those aisle

Picking up dropped pencils and adjusting facedown student cards- bored out of their minds

Knowing fully well that their only escape is a quiet classroom and a pile waiting for that red tick- Or red cross.

Students, stuck in their seats filling pages and pages with dates and sums and reasons in hopes that they will will be rewarded. Sometimes merely waiting for the declaration: “Pens down!”

Indeed, this game of Pacman holds us all hostage!

Love & War, Ramblings, Teacher Problems


I call this season The Red Abyss. We push papers and chase deadlines. We clean our houses, do the laundry,try new recipes and everything else we can find besides actually marking. To keep ourselves motivated and focused, we pick a track for the day.


This one’s for all those teachers out there stuck in the rut called marking! Do whatever you need to do to get through this. Procrastinate all you like, and once your house is spotless, clothes are clean and gym is done and dusted, pick that red pen up and get to work!


Don’t give up! Keep ticking! It’ll be over before you know it 😆 T.O.D!!!