Over the Horizon

Over the horizon?

There is the same unsuprising,

But equally heartbreaking,

‘Something’ over that horizon.

I’m tired of walking in that direction

Hoping for something different

When I know…


Her Lion

She loves a man who knows how to take what he wants. She likes him unapologetic about it and she likes him not to ask for permission to have it. He walks in through the door,sees it and ceases it. “I wanted to call you”? But you didn’t, “When can I see you”? How about you just show up?

You see, she spends all day granting permission; for debit orders to go off, for teenagers to go to the bathroom straight after recess, what she will eat for dinner, whether she should get cable TV or wifi. Her mind is exhausted from all the decisons.


But he, he takes charge, he is bold, he squares his shoulders and clenches his jaw; he is not afraid. He is her lion…