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Ke Dezember Boss!

It’s a new month! It’s World Aids Day and if you are South African, Ke Dezember Boss! The month of Saturdays and Sundays!

I’m still chewing on some life experience right now so I don’t have much to share today. But Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday if I didn’t say hello at the very least so…

I also found this amazing guitarist on Twitter and had to share her with you because Black Girl Magic! I’ve been camped out here for the latter part of this afternoon! Enjoy and have a beautiful week😘

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Jam: No Fear

I like to find a good jam every morning for my daily drive to work. A pick me up of sorts to get my spirits up and my mind focused on the day ahead. Then I found this video👇 which led me to the song!

I love this guy’s deposition! It’s like he’s just in a great mood for no reason! Every day must be Friday for him! I only ever get like that after sweating it up in the gym! It’s like the world is as it should be and none of the woes matter! I needed this feeling every morning at the time, mostly because I’m a bit of a grumpy gill in the morning! So I went and found the song:

I love the guitar riff that grooves like 90s bump and Dej’s voice that is kind of lazy and carefree despite the huge declarations she’s making! This jam is just fun – music to my ears😂 It just makes me happy!

Don’t be shy

Don’t be scared

Get up!

So if you need a song to put a skip in your step and lighten your mood, this one is for you! Go get it! You won’t regret it!

Thanks for popping in! Enjoy what’s left of the week! We’ll chat soon😘

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La La La – Black Coffee Ft. Usher

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! I hope you’re having an awesome week!

Black Coffee is at it again! Our favourite dropped a jam featuring Usher yesterday! I thought this was funny because not so long ago, Usher said he didn’t want to work with Black Coffee. Apparently our fave’s sound wasn’t African enough. Now look at them! But it seems like the interweb has forgotten all this so I will too!

I think Black Coffee married the mainstream sound of a feel good dance track with his very authentic flavour very well. The guitar lick that slides in at the second verse just screams “Straight outa South Africa!” I love that and I can’t get enough of it!

Usher, of course, sounds great on the track! He never tries too hard to do too much with his vocals and it works beautifully for this song in particular!

Overall I love the song and I have it on repeat in the car and in the house! If you haven’t listened to it yet, treat your ears, my friends, it’s really good!

Thanks for popping in! It’s always so good to have you here! I’ll be baking a cake this weekend and sharing the recipe with you on Sunday! You don’t wanna miss this it coz your girl is not much of a baker! Ok, Bye😘

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Lyrical Challenge – Day 1

Afternoon Everyone!

As you know, Twitter is where cool things live and the 3 day Lyrical Challenge is no different! I couldn’t wait for Sunday so I thought I would start today until Sunday!

I had to be part of this, so I got myself challenged by OJ’s Pride. She has a great blog, you should check it out! Thanks so much for this opportunity, OJ!

So the rules to The Lyrical Challenge are simple:

1. Thank the person who nominated you,

2. Share your favourite song/lyrics,

3. Nominate 3 other bloggers.

Ok, let’s do this! My first song is actually an interlude so it’s short:

Newer Balance (freestyle) by Jhenè Aiko
I don’t need no other guy
Ever since you caught my eye
Oh you’re the only one I see
The only one that’s for me, my baby
And it would really be a shame
If you are just running game on me
Oh, baby please, baby please tell me it ain’t so, oh no
I got a strange feeling
That maybe I am dealing with a smooth player
Ooh, I’m praying

That you are who you are saying
Hope you are who you are saying

My 3 nominations are:




Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ll be back with a new song tomorrow!

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“I want to be a better writer. Help me,” She pleaded. She wanted her words to touch someone. She wanted someone to connect with her ramblings.

The best advice she gave was no different to words of wisdom for the walk of life. “Keep writing… reading also helps with that.” 

And so she must keep scribbling on the page as best she can. Keep turning the page until the ink dries and soon, they will connect…

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When It’s Good 

 Something inside crumbles -no, melts. It starts in the middle and everything gets hazy and mushy. A really good song has its own personality.It’s in a guitar lick or a bass riff or a chord progression, that sweet sweet melody or velvet harmony. Music hits you with one of those – or all of them- and before you know it, you are savouring the taste it leaves in your mouth.

“The thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley