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I Love my Hair Campaign

I’m back! So I took part in this campaign over at Twitterville! Attach a picture of your afro with a poem of encouragement. Check out the hashtag to see what other women are saying!

My fro does as it pleases.
Stretches out, shrinks back.
And so I do the same.
The world will adjust.

Nubian Hair

High Hair Maintenance


Winter is coming and they say that the best thing to do for your Nubian hair is to protect it.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now with these babies and I must say,they’ve proven very easy to maintain.

Ever since I found the Jamaican Mango & Lime leave-in conditioner for my Nubian hair, I’ve been hooked. I found their spray as well which has helped with itchiness for my braids and is water-based which is always the best thing for natural hair. You have to keep your Nubian hair protected but just because it’s put out of sight, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still need your TLC so I make sure that I LOC it using the spray instead of the conditioner and coconut oil which is very easy to apply on the sculp because of the big boxbraid paths.

Whenever you get tired of the maintenance of your hair just remember: When you choose to enjoy what you do, it isn’t actually all that much work at the end of the day; It is a pleasure and a joy! So, Enjoy your Nubian 😆

Nubian Hair



Yay! Something new! Not that I wasn’t enjoying the natural hair, but I decided I need a new style for the next few months. Also, protective hairstyles for the winter,am I right?!

My genius friend did these for me ( the lil Wayne Tshirt behind me!) She made sure it was nice and thick boxbraids that doesn’t shred the hair. She was also very gentle on my sculp which I am greatful for! Thanks Spokytail!!

In a nutshell, these are AWESOME!!!

Nubian Hair


I washed my hair and bantu knotted it. Unravelled it looked like this:


I was so excited! I saw progress! So I continued the excercised. The knotted has been taking less and less time which means I’m getting better at it, right?


It shrank 😕 I’m a little sad! But I learned a new thing about my mane: It is extremely curly! It will look like no progress for the next few months! But I don’t regret going natural. One day the afro dream will come true. One day I will be  Africa type beautiful -right?

Until then I should enjoy this. And try not to play with my hair so much. I leave loose ones everywhere, smh