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Body Love

Hey Everyone!

Is it just me or did Wednesday come way too quickly? Sunday was just the other day!

Anyway, so in South Africa, it is Women’s Month and Marie Claire is doing a nude issue to get women talking about loving their bodies as they are!

Now, you know by now that if there is a hashtag I like on Twitter, I will definately share it with you🙂 check out the most recent one here

Well, this one is #DearBody and women are using this hashtag to write love letters to their bodies!

I love this idea because we spend too much time criticising our bodies, putting them through hunger and too much working out all so we can be whatever the media has decided is sexy. I find it demoralising and stressful!

Anyway! Here is my love letter to my body!


I’m sorry for all the times I called you fat or ugly. You don’t deserve such names. You are strong and you have been good to me and I appreciate that

If you want to see what other women are saying about their own bodies, check out my Twitter Moment👇 , search the hashtag #DearBody or just follow me there in Twitterville!

Have a beautiful day and thanks for popping in!

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The Yearning

Most English teachers will tell you how difficult it is to read for pleasure. Literature is work, something we read to find deeper meaning and even simpler ways to convey that which we encounter.

How refreshing it is to find a novel that engrosses you; a truly engaging, beautiful and authentically South African story. Every page was worth the read and it was bittersweet to put it down at the end.

Nubian Hair



Yay! Something new! Not that I wasn’t enjoying the natural hair, but I decided I need a new style for the next few months. Also, protective hairstyles for the winter,am I right?!

My genius friend did these for me ( the lil Wayne Tshirt behind me!) She made sure it was nice and thick boxbraids that doesn’t shred the hair. She was also very gentle on my sculp which I am greatful for! Thanks Spokytail!!

In a nutshell, these are AWESOME!!!

Nubian Hair


I washed my hair and bantu knotted it. Unravelled it looked like this:


I was so excited! I saw progress! So I continued the excercised. The knotted has been taking less and less time which means I’m getting better at it, right?


It shrank 😕 I’m a little sad! But I learned a new thing about my mane: It is extremely curly! It will look like no progress for the next few months! But I don’t regret going natural. One day the afro dream will come true. One day I will be  Africa type beautiful -right?

Until then I should enjoy this. And try not to play with my hair so much. I leave loose ones everywhere, smh