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Intruders – Shared

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post came to me as most of my great ideas come to me: while I was in the shower! I jumped out mid- rinse to scribble it down before I forgot!

So, I shared with you my then favourite read, Intruders a few months ago, remember? Well, I enjoyed it so much that I shared it with those around me! I tweeted about it, got my colleagues’s bookworm daughter into it and even gifted my sister with it for Christmas! The most recent share was a student of mine who strolled into my class and asked me for a good book to read.

She stormed in the next morning with nothing but complaints about the book, “Miss, why are the stories too short?! Just when I started enjoying them, they would end!” “I think the author should make a few of them into novels!” For the rest of that day, at line up, during break and sometimes in class I would find her with her nose buried in the book! She couldn’t get enough! She begged to keep it a little bit longer so she could read it again! It was so exciting to see someone else get as excited about this collection of short stories as I did!

Good stories are worth sharing with the masses! I am so privelleged to be able to do this for my students! I’ve even managed to rope in another student into reading it too! I hope she likes it too😊

Thanks for popping on today! It’s always good to have you! We’ll chat again on Sunday! Bye!

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Life is Messy

Allow me to divert for a moment. I hope it doesn’t make me less black that I’m reading a book by a white American woman, but right now, I’m relating to Amy Poehler like you can’t believe.
She says life is messy and without order. It is an imperfect balancing act of putting kids to bed, commuting and work all the while trying to make sense of it all. I liked this poem she wrote when she was just 13 years old:
When life attacks you from everyside

It hurts –

Too much –

And the most 


Easiest way out is –


To survive.

So there it is. She has found my spot. I will keep reading…

Love & War, Ramblings, Soul Stuff, Teacher Problems


Sigh… The only thing I can stifle out of me as I read the closing lines of this novel. Is that it? Is this all it boils down to? No matter which side of the track we are born and raised on, will the black child forever be disatisfied with being black? Will white always be a disposition we strive for? Will their soft hair and pale skin and their twang always be better?Surely, we have evolved! Surely we love ourselves just a little bit…

Matlwa paints a very bleek picture of the African child. I’m disappointed…