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Invigilation is a slow game of Pacman. There are, however, no winners;

Just teachers entrenched in those aisle

Picking up dropped pencils and adjusting facedown student cards- bored out of their minds

Knowing fully well that their only escape is a quiet classroom and a pile waiting for that red tick- Or red cross.

Students, stuck in their seats filling pages and pages with dates and sums and reasons in hopes that they will will be rewarded. Sometimes merely waiting for the declaration: “Pens down!”

Indeed, this game of Pacman holds us all hostage!

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I forbid my learners to use pencils in class.You see, they strive too much for perfection. They write everything in pencil then rewrite it all in pen and, like magic, they produce perfect work – but all the content incorrect. I want them to learn that learning is a process that is not always perfect…

I just hit the halfway mark of the red abyss. That’s right girls and boys, it’s exam time! looking back on the first half, it has been anything but smooth. some days I would only get through 3 or 4 scripts. It’s a rough time in my personal life, you see, and that just spilled over to my work – it happens. So these past 2 weeks I’ve pretty much felt like one of those cartoon characters that gracelessly stumble down a hill hitting their heads and butts and shoulders and faces all the way down the hill and landing with a thud at the bottom. 

But somehow, I am still intact. I think that’s what counts: arriving in one piece, or at least arriving. That’s what learning is about. So clearly I need to take my own advice. Hopefully, the second half of the redabyss will be much less painful though…

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Woman Crush Wednesday. We’re Fancy!


I’m about to kill two birds with one stone – Woman Crush Wednesday and Track of the Day!

This tune celebrates the ladies that go to gym to look good for themselves, women who are “book and street smart”, ladies who are confident and have vision and know what they are about. This tune celebrates you and me, ladies so turn it up to full blast and belt it out!

So shout out to the home owners
The girls that got diplomas
And enough money to loan us
A little something extra
Should we ever need it
If it sounds like you then let me hear your repeat it!


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Work Work Work

It had to be today’s T.O.D! And this is how we sang it as we tick tick ticked


Lol, all teachers have their own way of getting through the mountain of marking. Some head to a coffee shop for a bottomless cup of hot beverage, while others find solitude and don’t stop until they’re done. Some get a round table, rope in their colleagues to keep them company and try not to make eye contact so that the pile gets smaller.

Whatever your coping mechanisms are, keep at it educators!