am writing, Love & War, Prose, Ramblings, Soul Stuff


Fluttering in the wind now…

You used to wipe away my tears.

am writing, Love & War, Prose, Ramblings, Soul Stuff

This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I wasn’t born in pain.

Love & War, Prose, Ramblings, Soul Stuff


Be patient. The flutters will come. At first they will frighten you because they are a reminder of when…

Be patient. Soon it will feel safe and you will no longer be dipping just your toes in, but  your legs and your shoulders will be invited in too. Soon you will be immersed in the warm happy waters.

Be patient. Maybe you will free fall and it will no longer be frightening;it will be good because, this is good. So, be patient…



I’ve been living on my own for almost 2 years now. In that time I’ve hated it, cried myself to sleep sometimes, convinced I had made the worst mistake.

But it passed. I developed certain habits: I buy toilet paper twice a year and I socialise all day and enjoy a whole evening to myself to regroup.

Enter Spokytail. She’s staying for a little while and I am struggling. I hate answering questions about my day or deciding what we will eat for dinner – I DON’T CARE!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

It’s not personal to her, I promise. I guess I just don’t know how to cohabitate. I have grown accustomed to being by myself and… I like it – alot.

Problem is, I am in waiting. It is my God given desire not to be like this forever- It is not good for us to be alone afterall, right? So I must practise with this one. I must learn to share my space with another, run my home with another, share a life with another…..