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Series: The Ultimate Blog Swap

It’s a new year and an new series is in order! Read all about it here!

Sehliselwe – Sehli Chaotic

The other day I posted a tweet under the O Jewa Keng thread. In the tweet I was seeking to collaborate with other bloggers and possibly do blog swaps, the response so far has been nothing but unbelievable. As I write this I am deeply overwhelmed at the amount of bloggers who are ready for collaborations.

I have to admit that blogging for me was an online diary where I vented about everything that was going wrong in my life; I barely posted anything unless I felt really frustrated. So you can understand why I never interacted or sought to connect with other bloggers. It wasn’t until recently, when I found out I was nominated for a Zimblog award, that I actually thought, “Yeah maybe I could make something out of this”. Suddenly I understood the impact that blogging has had on me and how I approach my goals. Through the responses on the tweet so far, I have had a chance to connect with people from all walks of life with the same interests as mine which has somehow assured me that I am on the right track. One of the first people I connected with was Noloyiso, a blogger whose work caught my eye as she touched on issues such as mental health and overall empowerment of women which to me screamed “girl power’. So the obvious thing for us to do next was collaborate. We decided to start with a blog swap where I get to post on her blog and she posts on mine. That I thought was an amazing way for us to explore and share with different audiences as well forge relationships alike. I am super excited to work with her and I cannot wait to see where this journey leads!

Noloyiso – The Chronicles of a Nubian Queen

So there I was, scrolling aimlessly on my Twitter timeline, as one does when there are millions more important things to do, when I came across Sehliselwe’s tweet seeking to engage and collaborate with other bloggers. I’ve met some great people on my blog and I have found those engagements valuable and good for my growth as a writer. I’ve also made some very good friends and a kind of village, something that I value, so I was very interested in the opportunity that presented itself. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a new series; something different to what I’ve done before. So in an attempt to make more of these connections, we’re joining forces!

Here’s how this will work: Once a month, we’ll swap blogs and post an article – she on mine and me on hers. Hopefully, this will lead to some exciting work! Friends will be made, audiences will grow and lives will be changed, AN EMPIRE WILL BE BUILT! Excuse the drama, but this is super exciting! We haven’t worked out all the details, but I’ve never heard of this being done before; we may be on to something good!

So, welcome to The Ultimate Blog Swap! We hope you enjoy it!

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Reflections: Integrity

A birthday is usually the most important day in one’s life. The 6-week journey and build up to Noloyiso’s Birthday was such an enjoyable and interesting read.

Life is meant to be celebrated and every day is a journey. On 8 June 2019, my friend celebrated her 34th birthday and her blog post on this auspicious day sparked my interest. This year, Noloyiso has developed so much. She has become a young lady who realised that “adulting ” is a tough job!

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same things!” This line is something that I try to live by all the time. The word is INTEGRITY.

I believe that this is a characteristic that sticks with one ’till the end of time! It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. In this day and age, integrity is the most difficult quality to maintain.

The society we live in questions and tests our integrity all the time. We are faced with moral dilemmas every day. In South Africa, even our leaders don’t help in showing us that uprighteous living is so important. Our children think it is ok to cheat, to bribe or bully other learners for homework, money, etc. I am a teacher and my integrity is always in limbo. However, it is something I have to stick to all the time, no matter how difficult.

Sometimes I almost feel hypocritical. What I say at school is so different than what happens at home. I sometimes insist and give good advice to learners at school. I ask them to behave appropriately, have 8 hrs of sleep, complete homework on Friday and eat nutritious meals. My biological children don’t listen to these instructions. Homework is done on a Sunday night, 2 hrs of sleep on a Friday and Saturday is sufficient because of Fortnite or YouTube or movies. Pizza and burgers are meals that go down well too. My integrity, even though so small in these instances, is called into question.

However, I have realised in all of this that as long as moral principles are maintained in being good and doing good, then that is all that matters. Living your best life definitely means that doing what is right will be remembered to the end of time.

Viloshini is a Johannesburg based Drama teacher who loves reading, listening to music and living every day with positivity and laughter.

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Reflections: Friendship


Friendships can be a fickle thing. As humans, we thrive on social connections. Unfortunately, not all friendships are as strong as we’d hope them to be. Some of us spend years cultivating that special bond we should share with our friends. Others meet on a whim and become lifelong buddies. I often find myself feeling like that friend you only talk to when you need something, as painful as it is to admit. I spend so much time giving and being there for my “friends” and more often than not, that’s all I am. I grew up in a semi large family, most of which I do not know and those I do know, saying that we aren’t that close. As a result, I tend to treat my friends like family yet I always find myself asking if this person is really in it for the love of friendship, or for what they stand to gain from having me as a friend.

I am not a confrontational being which often means when problems arise in said friendship; I usually don’t address it, this often leaves me feeling taken advantage of and or resentful that I don’t speak up more.

In the 21st century, loyalty is rare and good friendships even more so. As such, I always ask myself what we even know about the meaning of real friendship! And how does one break the barrier of continuously choosing the wrong friends, when no is really interested in keeping that bond sacred?

Tamiqua Martin is fresh outa high school! She loves photography, writing, reading and psychology. She’s an easy going adventurer whose world is her oyster!

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Reflections 2019

Can you believe 2019 is almost over?! Done?! Dusted? A new decade lies ahead with new possibilities and goals and, just, stuff?! Time flies!

Last year, Reflections went so well that I thought we could run it again this year. I’m always curious to hear what my readers enjoyed reading on The Chronicles during the year and I also like engaging about the impact this here blog has had on those who have landed on this page. Sometimes, my friends ask about a certain experience and it reminds me that, I’m not just out here speaking to myself!

And so, Reflections returns! Every Wednesday of December, I will put up a post written by you in which you can talk about what I may or may not have triggered in you in a post you read at any time during the year. You’re allowed to go as far back as you like and you’re allowed to speak as freely as you like. The floor is yours! Let’s look back on this year together and see what gems we have found to help us in the future. Are you in?

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Anonymous: A Different Lens on Toxic Friendships


I know people are probably tired of hearing about how some friendships can be toxic but really, toxic friendships are a thing but so are the enablers…

For years I have been stifled by the toxicity of most of my friendships; I’ve had the friends who demand gifts but don’t even remember your special days, the ones who are always in need but never reach out to help you when the signs are crystal clear that you could do with a friend, the ones who elevate their importance in your life and you have to maintain that level of importance and my favorite; the ones who plan everything around you being there for them but never show up for you…

I have also been strangled by the painful realisation that I am an enabler, a bitter pill to swallow but very necessary. One day, I painfully realised that I either attract toxic friendships or I breed them and with me being the only constant in all these situations, it only made sense that I was the breeder.

I have very poor boundaries, very high expectations of myself in friendships and often don’t take the time to stop and address issues in my friendships that upset me. This is mainly because I’ve set such a high precedent that when I do address them, people cannot relate because I’ve shown up in a particular way for the longest time!

I have allowed my friends to use me in efforts to prove my loyalty to them but not once have I expected the same of them. Actually, I have always assumed they’d do the same and each time they didn’t, bitterness and resentment grew turning me into someone toxic to them which makes me wonder: were they even toxic to begin with?

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Anonymous: Sexy Doesn’t Have a Size

Surprise! This month’s installment is awesome! Enjoy it!

Yes, I am a plus size woman,

Yes, I have stretch marks,

Yes, my thighs touch.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it can be hard to remember that on a day when you’re not feeling very sparkly.

It all begins with self-love which comes from the inside, not the outside. It’s about loving the shape of your body, being comfortable in your skin. What really makes you sexy is what you project – your confidence and your self-awareness. One of the best things about body confidence is that it radiates off of you and can inspire others. Yes, it’s contagious, just like a smile.

True beauty comes from the soul. Just think about it: if you have to change yourself and conform to anyone else’s standards of beauty, it would be like changing the essence of your existence, and who needs duplicate copies? You are unique and that’s what God planned for you.

Start with thinking and speaking positively about your body. Never compare yourself to someone else. There is no right size and there is no wrong size. We are all built differently, and that’s a good thing! Celebrate and embrace your sexiness and differences

Social media constantly paints a picture of the PERFECT body, life and relationship but the question is: PERFECT through whose standards and whose eyes?

Every day, be the best version of you! Own who you are – love yourself and be happy about you and for you!

Yes, my tummy jiggles



Have a great weekend, everyone!