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Love Love Love

It’s February, the month of loooove! The shops are nothing but Valentines cards and chocolates and teddy bears and Twitter, abuzz with debates about gift ideas, while the singles ask each other what they will be doing on the day!

Me? Well, I’m somewhere in between! I don’t bash love- well, not since 2015 anyway. In fact, now I think love is a beautiful thing. And while I won’t be harping on about how the day is a money making scheme ( it is!) nor will I be shooting my shot on any social media platform ( I did that successfully in juniour high, thank you!) I do believe that love of all forms is worth celebrating!

So grab the nearest thing to you: your job, gym life, your friends, your family or even your solitude and tell it you love it! Seriously! The world can be a morbid place and we can never spread too much love into it!

I’ll be at home eating all the chocolate I will have solicited from dem boys because I deserve nice things😂

Have a beautiful evening, dear readers, thanks for visiting! Have a beautiful week!

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I think it will be a sad day when Valentine’s day becomes a day to ignore. I think love is a beautiful thing and comes in all forms and sizes, all of which leave our hearts full. Being without a romantic love just gives us space to appreciate the love we get from all other spheres of life, including ourselves. I liked some of the following ideas from the Longevity Book , a body of work Cameron Diaz is part of, and thought I would share them with you. Happy Valentine’s day, everyone 🙂