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“When I’ve ticked all the boxes, I’ll be happy,” she resolved.

But what if happiness lies in the journey and not the boxes ticked?

Love & War, Ramblings, Soul Stuff



I’ve never been one to hide my age. It’s pointless because no matter how much anti-aging cream I put on my face, how short I make my skirt or tight I make my pants. No matter How many times a week I go out or how late I come home. No matter how “hip” the young ones think I am or how much younger I look than my actual age, I am still 31.

Besides, while my juniors marvel at how old I am, my seniors know that I still have so much ahead of me. I figure I will die at around 75 or 80; that gives me over 40 years still to go. Do the maths; the majority of my life is still coming.


So Happy Birthday to Me! May the best truly still lie ahead of me and may I embrace it with gratitude and grace. To 31 ☺